ACL Surgery

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Ouch, my brother did the same skiing. He didn’t ski for a year but made a full recovery. I think the physical therapy is a bigger issue. You might want to find out about that.

Your real name’s not Robert Griffin III, is it?

R G Knee!

Hello OP. Sorry to hear about your injury. I had a similar injury about 10 years ago - back then, I was a handsome young buck, fawned over by females as my flowing hair waved in the wind. Anyway… the recovery process is different for everyone. However, unless there are complications, you will probably not be in much pain. The only things are that your mobility will be hindered for the first couple of weeks, and you will have to stick to a physiotherapy schedule. Obviously, you will not be able to participate in sports or other activities like that - so this might even give you more time to sit on your ass and read books.

I don’t think it will seriously hamper your CFA studies, but if you ask me, recovery is far more important than passing the exam this year. If it comes down to doing what is best for your health or increasing your CFA passing chance by a small amount, you should choose health. Most people have decent recoveries from this sort of injury. However, I know some people who made extremely poor choices during their healing process, and these decisions messed up their knee for life. Do what the doctor tells you to do.

Anyway, good luck.

Adrian Peterson tore both last year and not only did he fully recover, he had the best season of his career. Make sure you get operated by Dr. James Andrews. He’s the best in the biz.

I think it is a strange question, even if it will hurt your exam, are you not going to do the surgery? I think it is possible your exam efforts will be compromised due to the surgery happening at the most critical time in the study process. That being said, CFA will be here next year, your knees are more important. Just do the best you can…

Unfortunately I’m not Robert Griffin III…

Palantir, I am definitely going to have the surgery done in March or April which is the earliest possible date, although the timing is pretty much up to me. I contemplated deferring the surgery til after my exam but I’d still be on crutches by my sister’s wedding. And selfishly, I want to ski next season and apparently you need to have the surgery at least six months before you ski again.

I also want to be done with the CFA program so I’d love to try and pass Level 3 this year. My employer, whilst they are huge supporters of the program, would like me to be done with it as well.

Basically - I’m just wondering whether anyone who has ruptured their ACL & had it repaired could give me some guidance as to how much time I’ll need to work into my study program to account for the period when I’m not able to study due to grogginess/pain/not being able to sit upright for long enough to do any work. My social life is not exactly buzzing at the moment as I’m on crutches so I can try and get ahead as much as I can in January!