Acquisition Accounting

Looking for a good source for all my PPA needs. Any book suggestions or maybe an online resource?

Why do it yourself when you can just hire my company instead?

We do hire an outside firm once the acquisition is complete, but I need to estimate the PPA, amortization, etc before we purchase the target.

I’d talk to whomever you typically hire for the post-acquisition allocation. My firm does a lot of pre-deal work like this and then since our models are mostly set up, the price on the post-deal work is lower so the incremental cost isn’t all that much.

Here is a decent high level book that explains approaches to valuing different intangible assets:

I have not read this yet, seems pretty thorough. I am going to take a look at it when I get some free time.

My firm does as well, pretty common for larger deals.

It is good to hire some acquisition expert as they are the professionals and they know better and more then you so hiring a Acquisition firm is a good idea.