Active Portfolio Mgmt formulas

There is a small note at the front of this reading (55) that says candidates are not responsible for memorising the formulas introduced in sections 4-6. Yet these formulas are tested in the EOCs. It is tempting not to learn these formulas, but seems like it would be folly to do so in case they are tested. Anyone have an opinion on this?

Like which EOC questions?

Like the first 3 EOCs on page 478. I really wouldn’t bother learning those formalae, esp. because the curriculum specifically mentions that we don’t have to. I am not skipping anything in my studies, but am not going to focus on stuff that are not required. I know what you mean though, I have come across some other EOCs elsewhere that do ask for things that are not included in the LOS. I wonder whether we should know those things then, but prefer to strictly stick to the LOS.

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