Active Risk, Active Share

“Ap reviews quarterly holdings reports for Fund 3. In comparing the two most recent quarterly reports, he notices differences in holdings that indicate that Fund 3 executed two trades, with each trade involving pairs of stocks. Initially, Fund 3 held active positions in two automobile stocks—one was overweight by 1 percentage point (pp), and the other was underweight by 1pp. Fund 3 traded back to benchmark weights on those two stocks. In the second trade, Fund 3 selected two different stocks that were held at benchmark weights, one energy stock and one financial stock. Fund 3 overweighted the energy stock by 1pp and underweighted the financial stock by 1pp.”

Active Share is unchanged: so, if you only play with the weights, it does not matter whether the stocks or securities are correlated: as long as you over- or underweight by the same amount, active share is unchanged. Correct?



Thank you! Wow, they even have a horse emoji, in motion, that perfectly matches yours :slight_smile: