Active Series 7 needed for Analysts??

Question…If I currently hold and use an active Series 7 license, and then make a transition into a position as research analyst, which I believe will not keep my license active, and later decide to become a portfolio manager, will I have to retake the Series 7 if there is more than 2 years of time in between???

if they will not house your license, then after 2yrs you will have to retake it if you want it again…with that said I dont think you will need a series 7 to be a PM.

can anybody else chime in here? I’m sure a PM would definetly have to have a 7 b/c they are trading…

You only can get a Series 7 if you work for a broker/dealer. Not all asset managers are, so the 7 isn’t that important to being a PM.

Thanks. And I’m assuming there is no need for an Analyst to have a 7? I still don’t get it that if you’re trading stocks, and say you work for a mutual fund company, why wouldn’t you need a 7?

I work at a small firm where the PM’s do trade. But a medium sized (1 billion or more AUM I imagine) or larger firm will have dedicated trades.

Besides, the Series 7 is so easy, retaking it shouldn’t be an issue. Just brush up on the compliance BS