Active vs index for retirement accounts and long term holdings

This year, I’ve been having my 401k/roth go into some low cost growth funds - jlgmx and ladyx, evenly split, so half large cap and half small cap. I initially thought that would be a good idea because growth is supposed to have better returns over the long term and I’m relatively young.

That said, when I look at charts, the returns for these are ■■■■. And they’re both supposed to be good growth funds. JLGMX is up 138% since Dec 31 2010, vs 422% for QQQ. LADYX is up 5% in that time.

I’m thinking I should just transfer all that to QQQ. I can’t actually see any reason why anyone would invest in these growth funds, even if they’re long term investors. The returns are ■■■■ and I don’t see any way to get good exposure to the theoretical returns of growth companies.

Is there realistically any better way to get that exposure for long term investors? Or is it just better to go full QQQ for the long term?

Survivorship bias, my friend. Growth companies that survive do tend to generate higher returns, but not enough to make up for companies that get delisted.

Buy SSO :blush: