Active vs Passive Funds

Hi I am looking to estimate the following: 1) historical breakup between active vs passive funds in global fund management industry 2) Out of passive, how much is index funds vs ETFs I have come across IFSL/The city UK as good resources (they have total AUMs, active vs passive which is quite phlegmatic like 70 active - 25 passive and 5 alternative) But, they don’t really have good historical data, plus I am not able to find out how much world over are AUMs in Index funds. Any help is greatly appreciated!! Best, Samsung

If you have contact with anyone from iShares Blackrock then you will have the info. they issue annual desk reference that has some of those information. out of curiosity, what do you mean index funds vs ETFs? ETFs that tracks the index are index funds!!

Maybe he means the ratio of index ETFs to non-exchange-traded index funds (like mutual funds).

i imagine you can check out journal of indexes, i am sure there are several reports comparing this you would just need to find them. that is if all you want is to get your hands on results and not the actual data. you could also get ahold of the rogue trader at UBS, rumor has it he was a director for their ETF desk in the investment bank, he could use the work.

yup Ohai, I meant exactly that. ETF vs non-exchange traded index funds. ETFs AUMs are currently about 1.2Trillion USD worldwide. I’m trying to assess similar data for index funds. Overall in the big picture I need size the total passive funds market. I am looking at ETFs, index funds and target date funds. Don’t know what else could be construed as passive.