Actual CFA 2006 Exam Question List from 2008 Study Materials

Has anyone gone through and listed the page locations of the actual 2006 exam questions in the level 2 CFAI provided guides for this year (those huge books they sent us)? I just noticed that the curriculum volumes have actual questions from the 2006 exam, so I want to go through and do them—but I was wondering if anyone had a list of where they are all located. I went through Volume 1 and the actual 2006 exams are located on the following pages: pg. 155, pg. 201, pg. 344, pg. 347. If I missed any, please let me know. If others could contribute by looking at the other volumes and listing where the questions are, i think this would be a pretty useful for everyone as a solid source of actual questions. btw - this would be most applicable to those who have used schweser exclusively to prepare.

if you have schwser they put them all together in volume 2 (formerly book 7) i did them in the text but i don’t have pg. numbers for you.