Actual CFA exam Q's in Book 7

Is it true that Schweser Practice Exams Volume 2 includes a section of real CFA exam questions from recent years? Anyone know how Schweser would be able to get real questions since I thought the CFA Institute did not release any?

no idea…but hoping the CFA exam questions are like those in schweser book 7 (2005 and 2006 CFA ?'s)…seemed pretty straight forward.

Yes i just called them to send me the book and they told me it contains old Cfa question. I have no idea how they have it.

I think its just a combination of questions presented at chapter end in CFAI 2008 curriculum and mostly are from 2005 exam. You can just look in the CFAI books. Most of them are simple concept checkers.

Yes, these are 84 questions that are in the end of chapter questions in the CFAI text…Schweser just put them into 1 test format…

Who do you call to get CFA book 7??

I’m pretty sure that the CFA institute used to release old exams, so thats likely where they got the questions.

I’ve love to get my hands on book 7. pepphell at gmail dot com

84 questions are in the front of book 7 good tool :slight_smile: