Actual CFA Exam questions

I’ve been avoiding Book 7 because I heard it is way too hard, but I just took a look at it and noticed there are 84 practice Q from 2005 and 2006 actual CFA Exams. I didn’t make time for these in my schedule, and am not so sure I can fit it in. Did anyone do these? What’s the feedback on them? Is it worth cutting into other stuff to do these (keeping in mind I did all samples and mocks and Schweser book 1)?

I solved them. It helped me. I think you should give them a priority since there is a better chance of those questions being repeated.

at this point, id have to replace some R&R time on Friday with these Q, which may be a bad call…

about 50% of them also appeared in the CFAI curriculum back of the book questions… it’s helpful =)

they all did

did schweser just take the q’s labeled “cfa question 20XX” from the cfai text and put them into vollume 7 in this section?