Actual difficulty in the CFA level II exam - Very tough choice between 2 options ...or tough questions

What is the difficult part for a high % of questions ??

Very tough choice between 2 options …or tough question as it is ?

Please help. I know question sounds silly but I am just trying to psyche myself up for what to expect…

All of it, you must know what you’re doing, since the quesitons will not only be difficult, but also, when you have to select among the options, you’ll spot three seemingly correct answers… it’s just that one is correct and two consists of common calculation errors (such as mixing up leading and trailing P/E by putting the “1+g” in the wrong place). Then you’ll have to read carefully as well, so they don’t ask for the “least favourable” instead of the “most favourable” etc. The most frustrating part, however, is when you see a question and know you knew the formulas the day before but now cannot remember it - your mind is blank - and have no way of going and look it up in the books. Quite frankly, the exam is hideous, so you might as well expect it to be.


Agreed, narrowing down to two is not bad, but after that it gets really tough.

If I had to guess, I would go against my intuition. It’s just tough and I believe the real test will be similar to the mocks.