Actual Structure of the Level 1 Exam Vs. Boston CFA MOCK

Hey guys, I recently completed a CFA Boston Society Mock exam in my town. The structure was similar for the first half of the exam to things I’ve read and heard about before, but half way through, the structure changed.

On this Boston Mock the topics were as follows:

  1. Ethics

  2. QM

  3. Econ

  4. Financial Statement Analysis and Corporate Finance

  5. Asset Valuation

  6. Portfolio Management

What is this lol? I didn’t like how different this was to the actual CFAI mocks I’ve been taking. My question is, for those folks who have taken the level 1 exam before, will it be like how the Boston people do it? Or will it be like the official CFAI mocks? (Structured format with each of the 10 topic areas being represented separately)

Thanks Boys n Girls