Ad on AnalystForum creeps me out

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Everytime I’m reading through this forum, I look up and GAHHHH… wtf is that? Some dude with his shirt about to come off… sporting the duck face, wearing glasses that are way to freaking big for him. He’s clearly trying to come on to me. I feel a little violated every time I see it.

Lol. I just saw it pop up also. I don’t get what they were trying to achieve with it either.

I don’t see it, I guess because I use Ad Block (Who on the internet DOESN’T use that?) I also had to block the days counter on the site, beause it gives me unnecessary stress when I’m reading BChad insights, CvM satire, Alladin’s hillarious random replies, and Blake’s trolling.

I don’t see that ad either. What? I’m not good enough for duck face man to eye f*ck me?

Yeah, who doesn’t use adblock plus?

Also, .02% of US internet users click on banner ads. Fun fact of the day.

Hahahaha that dude is definitely m&a’n on the buy side.

yup, he’s got a ‘control premium’…

Maybe he’s Rob Gronkowski taking L1 during the offseason. Lot of cash to manage, so it makes sense.

Dude looks like he should be slapping a**es at the local equinox.

Checked my Chrome extensions, turns out adblock was not enabled ><

I would have gone through whatever lengths to not see that ad again!

Is it just me or the guy in suit in Creighton University ad looks like Matthew Fox (Jack Shepherd) from LOST :-/