Adapt Prep

You know what helped me big time but I failed. I wish I stayed up with their material. Adapt Prep. I got over 70 in retail and institutional and killed it. Other sections I did poorly but I had personal issues and along with that I didn’t stay up with Adapt preps material. I was struggling with retail and institutional and they condensed the material and made it a joke. Those are two sections I think you can get a 100 in on the exam with their material on the essay morning portion.

I also got Go study from another thread here. I like their summary sheet. Going to use that with Adapt preps summary notes.

^ I found a terrific financial advisor at Interactive Brokers Investor’s marketplace. He manages my account and built the perfect portfolio for me. He put me into a couple of hedge funds that are doing great. They are listed at the Interactive Brokers Marketplace. You should look them up.

PM at work insists on having CNBC on all ******* day at full blast. I hate this commercial with a passion. This one and ******* CIALIS FOR DAILY USE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR.

seriously? Are you mocking me? hilarious. I’ve been on this board FOREVER. I failed everything except those two sections. This is my help to the candidates.

go thru my posts. this is what helped me.