Has anyone used ADAPT prep instead of schweser? I used ADAPT for the actuarial exams and liked it, and the price was much better for CFA than other resources. Can anyone comment on the quality of the content? How are the videos and manual?

I used Adapt for Level 1 and really liked it. The videos and the questions are direct and focused nicely with the CFA material. I also did all of the CFA EOC questions, topic tests and mocks at least twice. If I didn’t pass, it’s because I needed to put a little more time in, not because Adapt didn’t prepare me. I also took a review class with Carmody (who is now with Adapt) for a financial actuarial exam about 10 years ago and found his class excellent, which is why I went with Adapt. You can try their free trial to see if you like it.

Does anyone have any experience with using Adapt for Level II or Level III.