Adaptprep or Wiley


I am thinking to purchase AdaptPrep (complete) or Wiley(self-study) for my first level 3 exam.

is there anyone who used the above vendor for 2019 exam and can provide the feedback?


I personally did not used any of them, I believe Wiley takes too much time to update. You can go with Mark Meldrum, he has updated most of the readings.

Thanks for the suggestion. will take a look at Mark Meldrum.

I personally thought MM was great for level 2, so I will try MM again for level 3. Besides, I purchased the all in one for level 2 and 3, so why not.

Go see Marc Lefebvre @ Levelup.

Wiley is absolute shit, I bought their 2019 level 2 mock, turned out to be exact same as 2018 version.

3 mock exams essay from adaptprep quite good to add variety mock exam but not enough.

you can do free trial for adaptprep and wiley also.

need to combine with fitch web learning ($50 only) + 8 mock exam bloomberg + mock exam from S2000 + old CFAI (of course).

definitely adapt prep video is better than level up.