Add On Rate

Hi Guys,

I’m becomming at little confused with AOR Formula, AOR = (year/days) x [(FV –PV)/PV].

I have been using 365 days in a year to obtain the BEY. However, in the below for example the quesion uses 360 days in a year to calculate - any thoughts? Please help, just when I thought I was beginning to understand and there was a sense of calm, bam!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A 90-day banker’s acceptance trades at a discount rate of 3.95%. Assuming a 360-day year, what is the bond-equivalent yield (BEY) of this banker’s acceptance?

A. 3.88%.

B. 3.99%.

C. 4.05%.

Answer calculated as below - note they use 360 days in year as opposed to 365

AOR = (360/90) x [(100 –99.01)/99.01]

I think the answer is C

Thanks RichG, that’s what I got but then answer provided was b, sigh… Good luck with the exam