Added incentive to pass

Found this on the web: For exams in 2008 onwards candidates are required to purchase the curriculum readings from CFA Institute. Unsuccessful candidates are required to buy the same curriculum again when they re-Register for the exam.


that doesnt make any sense… could you post the source?

lets hope thats one of the wikipedia posts we can ignore. i guess i’ll worry if i fail, right now its time to keep chugging along.

There’s a distinction that needs to be made here. If you retake the exam across consecutive years, your registration fees will include the cost associated with purchasing the new curriculum (as per the link posted above by hueion). However, if you retake the same exam in the same year (i.e. fail June, retake in December), your 2nd registration will not require you to repurchase the curriculum. “and those that re-register for an exam within the same calendar year (Level I exams are held in June and December) will not pay twice for the curriculum.”