Just spent a long weekend at a family reunion. My wife has a sister that is a complete trainwreck who has apparently taken a pretty serious wrong turn down a path of addiction. Her previous issues were never drugs, always men and poor decision making. We stayed in the same guest house with her this weekend at the reunion, and while driving home, my wife noticed that there were several hundred dollars missing from her purse. She talked to her parents last night and there was money missing from 5 or 6 people’s purses, and a stack of birthday cards with $100 in each of them was missing(my wife’s grandmother gives all her kids and grandkids a birthday card at the same time so she doesn’t forget someone). My in-law’s then informed my wife that her sister was fired from her job two weeks ago for stealing a co-workers paycheck and that some things have gone missing from their house. They “aren’t sure” it’s drugs. There isn’t really a question here, just a more general WTF.

Addiction can be genetic. Keep on eye on your wife.

Um… time to get therapy?

They have different mothers, so that’s a plus. I’ve known my wife for like 15 years now and as far as I can tell, she’s only addicted to shoes.

That can be worse than a crack addiction.

Damn it Marie!

She had been in therapy for most of the last 2 years. It just came out this weekend that she stopped going. We don’t see my wife’s family a ton, as they live a few hundred miles away. Usually every 2-3 months. We last saw them around mother’s day and she was definitely in a much better place. Was managing the store she worked at, talking about going to school in the fall, not dating any current or future felons, etc.

Things are still in motion right now, but I’m hoping that her parents can get her some help, forced or otherwise, right now.

Sorry to hear about your SIL. I have a sister who is/was/coulda been in a similar situation.

My .02 - Nobody likes being stolen from, and I don’t know how much money it was to you. But I’d just let it go, knowing that the sister might realize that she’s actually stealing from family to support her bad habits. I just think that if you confront her and demand the money back, you’ll probably start a bigger fight and maybe push her even further down the road to self-destruction.

Some people are just hell-bent on destroying their lives, and there’s not much you can do about it. They’ll either come out on the other side a better person, or they won’t. (Thanks, edupristine!)

I don’t think he is concerned about the money that was stolen. The problem is dealing with a family member with self destructive behavior. It is not like dealing with women who are addicted to ohai, who you can just avoid or get a restraining order.

Right. The money was a couple hundred bucks. I’m not a BSD or anything, but I’m not concerned about the money. It means I’m going to have to make lunch this month instead of hitting up food trucks or takeout. I’ll live. It’s more about what is very clearly an issue that got serious in a hurry, and my in-laws not being certain there even is a problem. They’re good people, but they’re in denial pretty seriously right now.