Additional answer sheet to write answers

Will they give additional answer sheet to write your answers? Past exams do not have ample space below (for exp to calculate return etc) to write the answer of the questions.

I am wondering about this as well… this old exams do seem to only have a small section to write you answer, even if it says so calcs… is that all we get on the real exam?

You will have more than enough space and pages of blank pages to write things out. Do not worry for a minute about trying to cram things in a small spot. Enough space will be provided. FastEd, CFA

and if that’s not sufficient, there would be some blank extra sheets at the back of your exam booklet. you can use that but as Fasted rightly mentioned, there would be enuf space for each Q.

If you are looking at past exams, notice that the page numbers go from 24 to 28. The pages in between are blank. In fact, you should fear “losing a question” in the blank pages. Trust me on this. A few years ago, I think a number of AFers didn’t even see a question. (and it was an easy one too)

Any hints to avoid missing questions/ subpart? Don’t know why, last year I didn’t see some subpart.

maybe pay attention to the top of each question. It will clearly say QUESTION 3 HAS 3 PARTS (A,B,C) FOR A TOTAL OF 18 MINUTES. remember, read the whole question, the see if a template is provided. trust me. you will come back here on june 7th and bitch that you worked for 90 minutes, THEN saw the template.

Also don’t write too long of an answer even though there are several blank pages for a Q. CFAI only requests a short and direct answer from you. Don’t try to take the temptation to fill all these spaces and run out of time on other Qs.

I have a question. Say you are on a template question and totally f up one of the sections. Can you cross it out and put your answer to that section on one of the blank sheets (labeling it as such of course). Or do they only grade whats in the template?

I think they only grade what’s in the template. That’s why I decide to use pencil this year. The template often ask you to circle. This is difficult to change your circle if you marked with pen.

re template: see this I’m pretty sure B_C is correct. and only ink is permitted for the morning session essays

the ink thing is a myth, many passed using pencil last year. I’m to big a chicken though, still plan to use ink. But that template thing is a concern.

good to know! I plan on bringing erasable pens.

so you’re not allowed to write in pencil under any circumstances? i dont believe that if you write in pencil that they’ll not grade it! considering the amount of grammer errors and line scribbles along with the time contraints , writing in ink would be catastrophic.

Pencil is allowed

just spoke to Randy over @ the CFA Toll-free telephone numbers for: USA and Canada: (800) 247-8132 says they prefer pen but do not penalize for using pencil …sticking with original plan to use pencil …bring me back to MSc days which is fine with me

YES a word of CAUTION on templates: CFA will list all of the essay questions below the case. Some of these questions will require filling out a template. a template could be presented after some blank pages , so you won’t see you write away. make sure before you answer any question to look carefully if it requires a template answer. too many people wasted time writing their answer in the blank pages, but then realized there was a template! so then they went into a template just to copy answers already written in. I did this on couple of the questions, even my neighbor did it. Be careful!