Additional Compensation

Does member and candidate need to obtain written consent from all parties involved (all clients and employer) before accept gift and additional compensation? I thought written consent from employer is enough.

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Additional comp: + Written consent + from all parties + prior to enagagig

Other clients would want to gauge to what extent the additionally compensated candidate would benefit the generous client.

Thank you.

I saw an example where you shouldn’t disclose if there is no conflict of interest. what do you guys think?

if there is no conflict - unrelated toyour profession - teaching golf to kids on weekedns and getting paid if it doesn’t require a lot of your time Any other input anyone?

I think in a situation like that it would have to be made clear it will not take up a lot of his time. Its like saying I need concent from my employer to go to the gym 4 times a week. I have seen a trick question where the person was starting up an part time independent consulting practice and so, only needed written concent from his full-time employer.