Additional Mocks

Hi All -

I see people posting things like, “just finished the 2007 CFAI mock”. Where do people get these from? Here is what I have access to:

  1. Two vignette style 60 question sets, one AM section and one PM section, posted online in my CFA area under “mock exam”.

  2. The past three years of essay questions (2014, 2013, 2012) and “guideline” answers.

  3. A pair of vignettes I downloaded for level 3 when I was a level 1 candidate in 2013.

Are there other exams available through my CFA login or do people have access to other exams via friends who took the exam a long time ago?

Also, I heard Schweser exams were just okay, not great. Any comments on that?

I think a better question is: why would anyone want to do the 2007 mock? The curriculum changes at least mildly every year. Going back 8 years on a mock seems a waste of time to me. You have the 2012, 2013, and 2014 mocks, that should be more than enough I would think.

I agree on the Schweser exams. They’re ok at best. Worth doing if you’ve exhausted all the CFAI mocks you have but they’re not a must in my opinion. Of course, I’ve yet to take L3 so what do I know?

^ i disagree… if you look at the old exams (07-11), although 20-30% of the material has changed, 70-80% of the material is the same, and great for added practice. no need to do these timed as some questions do not relate, but going through old IPS questions, etc. and practicing writing them out is certainly helpful. if i’ve done 2-3 Fed Model-type questions, and there’s another way it was asked backed in 2010, i’d want to put my eyes on that before test day.

anyway, DJ, do a google search “cfa level 3 mock exams” …there’s a website that has old exams w/ answers.

Out there on the internet there’s everything. I heard that Google is a good way to find stuff that may not be on the CFAI webpage. If course, you’d have to decide for yourself if the source is trustworthy and if you’re in compliance with the Code of Ethics :wink: That might be a reason why you won’t find any links here to any of those exams.

Regarding what’s relevant, here is a good list for all exams up to 2008:

Back to 2010 with answers on the CFA site… doesn’t go back to 2007 but does get you an additional 2.

didnt know about this - thanks.