Additional Qbanks for Level II

Hi All,

Currently using Kaplan and I noticed that the Qbank has less questions than it did for level 1 (at least it feels that way.) I’ve already done all of the questions for Quant and Econ, including the CFAI questions on their website (only 30 Q’s.)

I’ve looked around at other study services trying to find one that strictly offers a Qbank, (I have no need for additional readings or videos) but I’m not sure what my best option is. If extra practice exams are part of the package, I wouldn’t be against it.

Does anyone have a good recommendation? I’d appreciate detail on why; quantity/quality and price are the main factors I care about.


I’d recommend you just get one or two additional mocks exams and just hit each item set as if it were its own mini question bank quiz so to speak. I wish I had done that when I prepped for L2.

Smart, I actually did that for level 1.

Looked at Wiley and noticed they offer a “Level II CFA Test Bank - 2018” with 2 mocks and 1,200 practice Q’s. Did you use these/could you attest to them being worth $200?

Thanks for the help.

Don’t forget CFAI offers practice questions online as well. Make sure you do those.

Hi All,

I used Arif Irfanullah video tutorials for all three levels and in my opinion its super useful (and probably the best series out there in the market) for covering all the essential concepts tested during the exam. I highly recommend everyone to purchase the same from IFT website as it will serve both the purpose of saving time and exhaustively covering the key takeaways needed for the exam. Its turned out to be exceptionally helpful to me! I passed all three levels at one go only due to his video series.

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Hi Ben,

I used AdaptPrep’s QBank for Level II. It’s available for $249. I used it to study for Level II and passed.

In 2018, there will be 1000 questions available (167 item sets). The item sets are close in style and difficulty to the exam.