Additional sample questions Level II

Hi, does anybody know where it is possible to find additional exam questions? I would like to do more questions than presented in CFAI books and understand that Schweser QBank is not fully similar to exam questions… Is it possible to buy somwhere more questions? Thank you for help!!

I find Qbank questions to be “close enough” to the exam, certainly closer than anything else that I’ve seen (including the “mock exams” from CFAI, which were almost useless and gave a false sense of confidence since they were far too easy). In what ways did you find the Qbank questions differ from the actual exam? My suggestion is to just drill through Qbank. Once you’re comfortable with doing a mixture of Easy/Mid/Hard questions, set up your exams so that you only do the Mid/Hard questions. That made it more challenging, saved a ton of time and frankly kept things interesting for me . (Disclaimer: I haven’t touched Qbank for Level 2, the above are my experience from Level 1.) Ernest

I have also made a lot of questions (almost all) from Level I QBank. However, reading opinions of people who already attempted Level II it seems that there is a significant difference to what extent QBank on Level II reflects the real exam. That’s why I am asking for other resources.

Yup … that’s why L2 is so difficult … there’s not a ton of problems at the end of each chapter. I would pay special attention to the samples in the chapters. I noticed many of the questions on the exam were very reminiscent …

Qbank LV II is not anywhere near as good as it is for LV I. I failed last year (band 10) and I don’t think I’m doing qbank again this year. Much better off with CFAI questions/end of chapted schweser questions

Failed B9 using Stalla. Passmaster is not much better.

passmaster is probably worse then Qbank. I never really came across any great practice questions. EOC were the closest in my opinion. Even the mock’s from CFA were a joke.

Guys, it really looks horrible…Is there any other source that could be worth sacrifying time?? Is it enough just go through questions at the end of each chapter in CFAI books?

EOC questions from CFAI books I thought were good and faily representative of the types of questions as well as the style you’ll see (vigenette’s). I certainly would rather have more questions, but they do give you a good amount for sure

As someone already mentioned, the CFAI EOC are probably the “closest” approximation to the actual exam questions (but relevant to the language and style only). The actual exam questions are harder. CFAI Sample Quizzes are good sources to learn “tricks” in certain topics. Q-Banks, Schweser Books 6/7 and CFAI mocks are pretty irrelevant to last year’s exam, unfortunately.

I am of othe opnion that CFA EOC questions are too staight forward and not as tricky as the actual Exam questions. I would suggest knowing the material like the back of your hand. That way you are in a position to detect traps which are built into the actual Exam Questions.