Adequately prepared with Stalla?

Did anyone use Stalla for Level 2 and feel adequately prepared? I read every word in the study guides, did the questions multiple times, and put in a ton of time. I felt like I knew the material really well going into the test, but then on the afternoon section especially, I was completely lost. I failed in band 9. I remember I started going through the curriculum for level 1 but I found that the text books had way too much information, were poorly written and had too many typos and mistakes so it was worthless. I used Stalla on level 1 too but I felt like I knew everything going into the exam and I was sure I passed when I left. Even if I were to start studying again to retake level 2 I don’t know what I would do differently because the questions on the exam seemed really random. I’m wondering if other programs like Schweser did a better job of covering the material. I guess what I am getting at is I don’t know if I should even bother to try again unless having a better study course would make a difference.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ve used Stalla for Level I and Level II and passed on the first try each time. However, for each exam, I coupled that with an in-person, intensive review course from Schweser over a weekend and thought that helped alot. I have a very favorable impression of Schweser and it seems that they have the most market share for this exam, but as they say, “Dance with the woman that brought you,” so I stuck with Stalla after the Level I success. My initial reason for using Stalla was simply that one of my good friends was using it as he went through and he liked the materials. Having said that, he thought the Level III materials were weaker, and also relied on an intensive weekend review course from Schweser, without which he thinks he would have failed. I think my overall conclusion is that they are both well done and sufficient to pass the exams. Hope this helps and go tough next time.

I took Stalla class and all their materials to prepare for the exam and i think they did a poor job. Their notes are too comprehensive to the point where u felt lost. i had to switch to schweser the last two months since i did not feel at all prepared with Stalla. I did fail and will be taking schweser next year even if Stalla is free.

No. This is my third time failing with Stalla. Maybe it works for some, but not for me. Actually scored worse (using 40/60/80) this year than last. Assuming I continue with the program (big assumption), I will definitely use something different next year.

same here on stalla. Without trying to be a sore loser I think part of the problem is how the test is structured. I’ve used stalla and failed twice now. In econ and equities I did even worse than last year which is very weird considering that the material is exactly the same. A couple of other surprises and here I am on the fail side. I took their practice tests and never scored less than 85%. I’d highly recommend consulting other providers as well.

Did the full court press - Schweser, Stalla (with local classes), Harris FSA, and 3 day Schweser review. Each provider has gaps and weaknesses. I thought there were topics that either Stalla or Schweser were superior, so doing both covered the bases. If you have time, budget and drive, might consider this brute force approach which worked for my L2 pass!

I used stalla for level II this year and failed miserably. The important topics were not well covered. some folks may have passed with Stalla , but all of us have to agree that the lectures were boring and worthless. I am going with Schweser even though I will get Stalla for free.! cfamd , I thought i was well prepared until i saw the questions in the afternoon section.

used stalla, john harris accounting course, passed L2 on first try this yr

Hey engineer2finance can you tell me about your study plan ?? Do you work in the investment industry. I struggled alot with the cirriculum this year. Any advice ???

Do any of you have stall video and up for sale ? Let me know at v.raghavan at yahoo dot com. Thanks, Raghavan

Would the video’s still work or do they expire ???

Schweser has better notes, Stalla has better videos. I honestly feel that a lot of people here take the exam without being properly prepared and then blame providers. Both Schweser and Stalla clearly say you should use them as a secondary resource. If you choose to rely solely on them, you have yourself only to blame. My advice–use the CFA books, then go on study notes only if something is not clear. Watch the videos afterwards. Then do exercises from CFA books or study guides (if no problems for that chapter in the CFA books). Then, take a wk or so off before the exam, and use the time to read the study guides again, and do all the problems possible again. I failed L2 once before but passed this time. I failed and I passed. Noone did it for me.

VanTrini Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Hey engineer2finance can you tell me about your > study plan ?? Do you work in the investment > industry. I struggled alot with the cirriculum > this year. Any advice ??? got the stalla video cds and notes, did passmaster software Q’s, attended john harris accounting course and solved end of chapter problems from CFAI books (much better problems than Stalla), did all the online mock exams from CFAI (strongly recommend doing this)

Thanks for the advice. I didnt read the CFAI material or did the end of chapter questions. That could have been my down fall. I also didn’t do all the online mock exams. Were you scoring 70% in the mock exams ???