Admission ticket and name !

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This is the first time I register for the exam and I have read a lot the name must match exactly as it is in the passport thus I am worrying.

I have sent my two questions to the CFA site but they didn’t understand me.

First question in my country they put in the passport:

My name, my father’s name, my grandfather initial, my father’s grandfather initial, and family name. So 5 names

What I wrote in the first name is my name

In the middle name, which I concern, my father’s name

and in surname my family name.

What am worry should I include my grandfather name and my father’s grandfather in the middle name. Or not including those name names will not affect?

Second question, they sent me the admission ticket with only given and surname. But in the given name they combine the middle name with my given name is it a problem?

Please replay if you know and I hope you understand my English


I’d contact CFAI. They’re a better resource than a bunch of anonymous posters on an anonymous forum.

Personal advice - work on your English if you want to pass the exam.

It’s very easy.

Name of exam ticket must = Name on the ID you will use on exam day.


I already mentioned I have contact them but their responses were not relevant to both of my questions!

Thank you for the advice & Respond :slight_smile:


I know.

What is in the ticket is not the same as what I registered. In other words, in ticket they combined two names, given and middle, as a given name.

@ 1BigStudMuffin

you should read it from down to up

Review the examples given here:

If your name on your exam ticket differs in format than the provided examples, you need to fill out the Identification Information Change Request Form… it’s not that complicated…

@Would you look at that

I Know and I understand .

In the example her name ( Doe Maria Jane) consisted of 3 names which she wrote them ALL so she don’t have a problem. But my name in the passport consisted of 5 names. I only wrote 3 (first, father, and family name) and I am concerned about the other two names, I am worried the proctor will say why your name in the passport DOESN’T MATCH EXCTLY your name in the paper!

And I now I have to fill this form if the mistake from my side but the mistake in the admission ticket, they put my middle name with my given name which I already wrote it in my account correctly.

Thank you for your respond

I think the problem is simple enough, maybe you just didn’t communite with CFAI clearly.


Am gonna kill myself ><

ok simple question for you, If you have your father and grandfather name in your passport, will your write both of them in the middle name?

From the CFAI website -

  • You must present your international travel passport on exam day , and the name , date of birth, passport number, expiration date, and country of issuance on your passport must match exactly the information you provided to CFA Institute.

Fill out the change request form. Write all 5 of your names as they appear on your passport. If your father’s and grandfather’s name are part of your middle name on your passport, then include them as part of your middle name when filling out the change request.

First of all, the scantron section in the exam is short, there’s not much space for a long middle name. I can’t imagine trying to fit multiple middle names in there. This name issue is really to get past the exam proctors who will determine if they will let you take the exam.

As long as your 1st and Last names are correct, and if you have the first middle name, you should be ok. People have been allowed to take the exam with no middle name on the exam ticket, and a middle name on their ID.

@Would You Look at That

It doesn’t mention that in my passport, they only write my full name in one line. But in my country middle name is the father’s name. I think I will leave it.

Thank you, finally I feel someone understand what I wrote.


Yes that’s the respond I want after sending emails to CFA site and a post in CFA Facebook account, Thank God.

Thank you & I will leave it as it is.

This qualifies as an urgent question.

Seems like some awfully hostile answers to a valid question.

I think some of the confusion probably arises due to the fact that you are part of a culture that has some naming conventions that North Americans are not used to. The only people I’d really trust with this question are CFAI. Maybe you should contact them a couple times until you get somebody who’s familiar with what to do when you have 5 names on your passport.

Dude, just make sure your Ticket matches your Passport. If not, get it changed to match your passport.

Having your exam ticket match your passport name is the easiest thing to do in your entire CFA experience. If you have trouble with that, it doesn’t look good going forward.


@ SpareTime

Exactly, I called them and they said you should have also include the third and fifth name!!! and I did.

Thank you.