Admission tickets are available

The end is in sight…

I have not got any notification via email. Did they send you an email about this?

I just got an email today about it…check your junk mail maybe?

Even if you didn’t get an email, you can always go to the CFAI website and see if your ticket is there for printing.

When trying to view your ticket, is anyone else getting an error page saying that their exam ticket is not available?

Nope. Printed mine already.

Yes mine is unavailable too

Mine is unavailable as well.

Ah, I just wanted to make sure that my mail box still works properly :wink:

I got the email 2 days ago. Will print it out tomorrow.

Print 12 copies, and store them in random places. I recommend at least 3 among your notes, 2 in your car, and 1 under an easy-to-recognize rock near your testing center.

Then plant a tree.

Lol classic

Mine in available, but there seems to be something wrong. Is your middle name placed beside your surname or given name?

You might want to look at “name order variations” here

Why planting a tree? I don’t get the joke (is it a joke?) surprise

becuse of the paper you used to print 12 tickets

Thanks for the reply, but it doesnt anwer my question. Here is my situation: the surname portion of the admission ticket states my surname while the given name portion of admission ticket states my given name and middle name. My question: doesnt the admission ticket a portion of the middle name or is the middle name always placed along with the given name


My middle name also goes along with the given name in the admission ticket. I don’t think it is a problem as long as your name in the ticket exactly matches the one in your passport.

Oh oh, got it :smiley: Thank you. My sense of humor is bad. Should the CFAI put something like “Please consider the environment before printing more than 1 of this ticket” ;)?


Got it! Thanks a lot.