Admission tickets available on CFAI website

Just a heads up for those who haven’t seen it yet. I was waiting to get the address so that I can get a hotel as close as possible to the testing center.

did u get an email from CFAI? regarding the ticket?

No. I just happened to log into the website and saw over on the right where it said: You may: * Get your December 2008 exam tickets * Prepare with online sample exams * Sign up for the June 2009 exam * Read the September candidate newsletter I had been waiting to find out where the exact location was so that I could fly into the closest airport and choose a hotel.

Thanks for the news. They have not sent out emails yet, but it’s great to know they are available. Feels stressful, no?

Thanks, Kevin. I just got my ticket and booked my hotel…I felt nervous just doing that, so I can’t imagine how stressed I’ll be the day of the test. Six more weeks…