Adrenaline Pumping Strategies

What will you guys do to get the juices flowing on exam day? For me, I do a quick run on the treadmill on exam morning and throw some punches on the punching bag as I listen to my fight song. On the way to the exam center, I will stop over a nearby Starbucks for a little caffine kick. I will then proceed to the exam center blasting my fight song in my car as I scream at the top of my lungs, overjoyed by the fact that I will soon have my life back, and that I will be headed on vacation days later.

i will wake up, take a shower, by the time I’m done my breakfast should be arriving from room service, I will sit down enjoy some, eggs, bacon, toast, coffee, etc and then I’ll just sit back and look at some last minute notes on things I wasn’t 100% on and make my way down to the test center around 8:00 to begin the herding process.

REd Bull before AM and REdbull before PM …On my way to the exam i mentally prepare to slay this beast …

as someone posted earlier, “Redbull gives you wings” you better draw in some wings on your license or they might not let you in…

a contradictory approach: 30 minutes guided meditation before I leave and then 2 cups of coffee shots straight up. I do not plan to bring any notes with me.

i’ll have my notes in my car, and will dabble during lunch :wink:

up at 4am to review. Will psyche out my competition on the train to the test centre by talking loudly about Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts and trying not to crack up.

oh fack…i forgot about that crap.