Ads ads ads!!!

I’ve noticed over the past few years that ads have tried to enter every facet of my life. I can’t remember a single online ad I saw and thought, “wow, I really need to go buy that!” This includes FB and other targeted ad sources. I find it really annoying that there are ads all over the WSJ, economist, and other publications despite the fact that I pay for these subscriptions. I got rid of cable TV because the commercial sessions have definitely gotten longer and are substantially louder than the actual program. I purposely go to the movies late (at risk of missing the previews) to avoid the ads.

I’ve taken as many steps as possible to reduce ads, but they still find a way…

im with you, was really glad to hear the NHL put their foot down on uniform advertising. Ads will always try to creep in, i hate services like cable where it was premium and ads came in and ruined it. I dont have cable either and if netflix things they can shove in commercials I will just go back to illegally getting material.

I dont mind tasteful product placement in shows and such, but yea its pretty bad. My european friends cant understand why my friends here hate TV so much, they come for a visit see our TV and understand immediately.

Couldn’t agree more. As the years go on I find myself less and less interested in the mediums you mentioned and more drawn to simpler things like reading or… spending time outdoors. No ads in a book or on a mountain. Leave the cell phone at home.

Easier said than done, especially during the work week but yeah… fuck advertising.

ah like when I type bloomberg and it automatically links to an ad?

Not yet. I’m sure we’re not too far off from when we’ll see “Mt. Washington - Brought to you by Viagra”, “Old Faithful - Brought to you by OxyPowder”, etc.

I assume everyone here is using AdBlock?

hahaha fantastic. bravo


^transforms your internet browsing experience. question is, who actually donated to that guy?

Well, once you think about it, all the “best” companies that are supposedly getting the best talent, like Google or Facebook, are basically ad companies. In the 1950s, maybe the thing was to work for NASA or something. Nowadays, it is to make better ads.

News channel and papers are the worst nowadays. They have completely changed their agenda from delivering quality news to inform public to generating revenue by bringing more traffic to website through catchy but pointless news. Every article has stupid opinion of an author who pretends to be either scientists or market analysts or whatnot but in all reality they are just referring other published reports. Isn’t that plagiarism?

^ idk that i totally agree with that sentiment, there are plenty of people who still want to contribute meaningfully to society via NASA and scientific research and not piss away time selling ads at FB/GOOG. There also are the private companies like Space X (and the Virgin guys company cant remember among others) that are bringing in top talent.

Realistically if you are a “top” talent you probably are starting your own company at this point.

The worst ads are the ones that speak to your soul…the ones that challenge the fabric of who you are as a human being…what you feel…

Coca-cola is the worst for this - have you seen the ads they show at movies?


I mean cmon!! I did that same shit to my brother. Just not fair.

Ads are another thing that the movie Idiocracy got right.

^Go away! Batin!!

All I am saying is that technology field is very prestigious at the moment relative to other times in history, and a large part of this industry is driven by advertising revenues. Of course other people will still enter other fields, but at the moment, Google or Facebook type of places are the cool thing. Core research like NASA or Bell Labs stuff is still around, but it’s not a matter of national interest or importance like it was in the past. The whole country doesn’t sit and watch live broadcasts whenever NASA launches something, for instance.

where’s PA with his corporate AI dissertation? Let’s hope it doesn’t get to this point (maybe NSFW):


BTW Black Mirror is such a fantastically scary show.


It’s happening…

^ Damn I’m good at predicting.

another thought, our commercials need more nudity. Europeans really got that right as well. We get MORE commercials and LESS nudity. Honestly I am at a loss

@TF - Black Mirror is great. I’m about halfway through them. Very Twilight Zone-esque. And the scariest part is I can totally see many of these scenarios play out in the not-to-distant future.