Advanced preparation for LII November - how to?

Hello, Friends.
I didn’t pass May exam. Please, recommend which study tools might be truly effective to get prepared for November exam.
I used previously official materials from the institute + Schwesser mock exams. But actually exam questions were much harder that all of those provided in the program and in Schwesser mock exams.
Please, advise truly advanced tools to get full understanding of the material and solve lots of questions as a preparation.
I will be truly grateful for your advice.
Thank you so much.

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Greetings friend, I used Chalk & Board for L3. I really can recommend them, they explained things well. On L3 Schweser had some formulas incorrect even, on their Quicksheet. I had no idea that could have existed without Chalk & Board. I endorse their services 100%.

Thank you. I will check them. Though I need preparation for LII, not LIII yet. :slight_smile:

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They do L2 also. I used Schweser exclusively for L2. In retrospect I should have used Chalk & Board for L2 too. I know there are folks here who retook L2 with Chalk & Board and passed.

Schweser is decent for L1 but it falls off gradually with each Level. I really like the layman explanations I got from Chalk & Board. I feel they really explain it and offer personalized instruction too as part of their service (calls with instructor etc.).

Cheers and good luck regardless, you got this buddy :+1:

Thank you.
And, yes, I agree with you about Schwesser - the pricing is huge, the quality is not great. Lots of typos even in very expensive Mock exams. I guess their business is so big now, so they do not need to worry about the quality, sadly.

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