Advertising on your house

For a few thousand dollars a month, I wouldn’t mind living in the Facebook-Walmart-Doritos house. Actually, for that matter, if Obama is so intent on raising money from corporations, he might as well write a bill that allows them to pay voluntarily - in return for advertising space. Like on the NASCAR-Chick-Fil-A Space Shuttle. When this visionary idea becomes reality, remember it was from me, ohai.

It won’t work on all houses. Some gated communities with homeowner association rules won’t allow something like this.

But for a few thousand a month, I would go ahead on the advertising and then rent out the place. Maximize my income stream hah

That’s the implicit problem - regulations prevent companies from advertising everywhere. The same regulations prevent space owners (like homeowners) from earning money from willing corporate advertisers. I would argue that we could reduce deadweight loss by loosening these regulations.

^ I think part of the problem is that if you got a few houses on your street with ads up the wazoo, your home value will certainly be hit. So to prevent a FFA race to the bottom dollar, let’s just restrict it al together

Well… housing is just one example. There isn’t a similar downside to say, stamping a Nike logo on the space shuttle.

Not sure if it’s an urban legend or not but I once heard that the KO proposed putting a red light on the moon as advertising for its product. Apparently, the idea was that it could be seen everywhere on earth (at night) and people would associate the red color with the brand.

I would say yes if you support that product. Yesterday I was reading a story about excessive vaginal lubrication before and during intercourse and how difficult life is for those women experiencing it. The story pointed how it was perceived by other women as a benefit since the opposite problem is way more common—dryness down there—but in reality, there’s no easy solution and patients report a number of problems including a decrease of sensitivity, bad reactions from partners, among others. (I have a good story on this, but I would be banned right away).

So I would agree to advertise a product addressing such a problematic condition based on that touchy story—I mean, figuratively.

Don’t know if anyone ever read “Infinite Jest” but it takes place in a satorical future North America under “subsidized time” where each year is known by it’s official global sponsor. Ex: Year of the Nike Air Apparel