Advice a Study Plan to crack L1 in 75 days

Hi All,

About 76 days left for CFA Level 1 Exam, I have completed one time reading of Schweser Material. and started solving mock test from Schweser. I got 65/120. I am employed. can spend 4 hrs per day in week days. and full days in weekends.

Please advice me in this…

Step 1 - Read through chapters or listen videos solve questions identify focus points and move on

Step 2 - When you have covered the entire syllabus work on the focus points ( Weak Areas) and solve as many questions as possible.

4-6 Hours a day from this point onwards.

You have plenty of time luckily. I got a 65% on my first mock, you got 54%.

The key is to REVIEW every problem you got wrong. dig into your mock and any problem you struggled with or got wrong do over with the answer there and see if you A) need to review the concept or B) need to work on memorizing a formula.

Keep doing practice problems, the first mock is typically peoples worst. Before the exam I had mine up to 85%. Don’t panic, you literally have PLENTY of time to get your scores up still. The wording of the CFAI exams is sure to have you make a few mistakes and understanding how they ask questions will most likely grab you a few quick questions right away.

Good luck

where do you guys get mock exams from?