Advice - Boss asking for me to come in on weekends

I work full time in NYC and we are about to move offices. My boss is planning on moving by June 1st. I already took off the whole week leading up to the exam. The problem is, he is going to ask me to come in on some of the upcoming weekend days to help move. I haven’t told him that I am taking the test for 2 reasons. 1. I don’t want him thinking that I’m looking for another job. 2. I haven’t really told anyone else besides close friends and family, don’t want to deal with people pestering me about “are you nervous?” etc… It is possible that he doesn’t ask me at all and I am just freaking out for no reason. At the same time, if he does, I do not want to miss the valuable time where I can be taking mocks and doing practice questions. Should I tell him or just suggest another solution, i.e. staying after work during the week? Thanks

what type of shop is this? Can’t you get someone else to do it? I would say screw it and hire a mover, your time is precious

Just do it. A few days of moving is not going to make you fail.

Private wealth management. We are getting movers to move most of the equipment / files over. He’ll need my help setting the actual office up. Gah of course he has to do this now of all times.

I could see a few hours or something, but any more than a day and I say no way, that kind of stuff can wait, if he doesn’t like it tell him to hire someone to do it, gotta stand up for yourself. Don’t you have an assistant or something?

Just tell him you have private commitments and offer to pay geek squad to come in and setup.