Advice: Can I Manage Given My Circumstances

I started my L2 prep in early October, and just finished my first pass through the curriculum here in mid-Feb. This leaves me about 3 months to review and master the material. Now heres the problem: I was offered a new job (Structured Finance) in which Im expected to start in mid-March. I will have to relocate over the next couple of weeks. This will put alot of stress on me to perform at a high level in a new role, while being right in the middle of crunch time for CFA L2. Anybody have any advice?

Balls out.

Yea, you are right about that Sir!

you might as well give it a shot at this point! The next few months are gonna suck ass but just keep givin er…plus, you’re ahead of the game if you’ve already gone through once.

You have no other choice, just go for it as hard as you can, it’s manageable of course

push it to the max baby!

i suggest you go to Costco and stock up on frozen dinners and caffeinated beverages

You manage, just bring your notes everywhere. You would be surprised by how much work you can get done travelling, except maybe if you have to drive to your new location…in which case maybe audio bocks might help with all the running around. Maybe try and make cut backs in other parts of your life In short You = prepare well for the CFA level 2 = No Life

Thanks, I appreciate all of the advice and words of encouragement!

I think you should focus on your job, you can take L2 next year as well. Just IMO of course.

i started a new job may 18 (and moved from a different city to where i curretnly am) and lost 5 valuable study days in may (days i took off from work to interview and move) and still passed Level II

If you are done with the studying part, then revising shouldn’t be difficult in these months.