Advice for a CPA

I was hoping some from the forum could give me opinions… I am a CPA and have passed level I CFA. My educational experience is a BA in Accounting and an MS in Finance from a large TX school (I live in DFW area). I currently work as an industry financial analyst at a small tech company and have been here about 1.5 years, after coming from Deloitte Audit (2.5 years there). I like the people but simply dont like the work and would prefer to get a job in more of the “high” finance type roles…however, it has been quite difficult for me to get anything other than accounting type roles. I currently also have my own business that I have had since college (specialty nutritional supplements - not like advocare…NOT a pyramid scheme) and also other side work like tutoring and some financial statement analysis for a small M&A company for the buyer’s book. Money is not my main thing because with all I have going on I do pretty well, but I want to be in a role that interest me. For me it would be anything that is much more aligned with valuation, analytics, etc. Essentially, what I consider true finance (not planning and budgeting, but more into the modeling). Other than networking (which the tutoring often lets me do as I generally do MBA students and professionals) which is obvious, what other things can I do to make myself a better candidate? I realize I am asking about a very broad range of jobs, essentially from consulting to anything under the IB umbrella, but any advice is appreciated. It is not urgent I leave (I know what it is like to hate your job having come from Big 4, and this is not it), but I want to continue on the correct path (I am 27 right now). My work has been good about TRYING to get me in work I like more, but I feel there might simply not be those type of opportunities around here. Is an MBA the answer? I should be able to get into a top 20 school (but not a top 5). Perhaps just continuing on the path of CFA? I do have some contacts in areas that interest me and having just passed level 1 CFA now is a good time for me to reach out, but what else helps me (assuming connections dont come through)?