Advice for Final Two Days of Prep

First off, good luck to everyone taking L1 (whether for the first time, or on a retake). Here are a few things that might be helpful for the last two days.

  1. Try to get a good night’s sleep at least ONE of the following two nights. Being even a bit sleep deprived will cost you far more on the exam than those last 2-3 hours of study will gain you. The CFA exam typically contains a lot of questions that aren’t really all that hard, but will have one or two little tweaks that will confuse you if you’re not well-rested.

  2. Review ethics at least one more time. If you’re right on the bubble, they weight it more heavily.

  3. Make sure your ticket info matches your id EXACTLY. If not, call CFA institute NOW.

  4. Put your bag together (or at least a list of what you’ll need) for the exam day now while you’re still fresh: plenty of pencils, spare calculator battery (or in my case, spare calculator), exam ticket, ID, earplugs if you wear them, and so on).

  5. Make sure you know where your exam location is and where to eat there for lunch.

  6. Try to relax a bit tomorrow night. At that point, if the crop’s not in, another hour of plowing won’t do it.

Finally, don’t panic, adn good luck.


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