Advice for Institutional Sales Assistant position

Hello everyone, I have an interview with a recruiter for an institutional equity sales assistant coming up and wanted to know what questions I should expect. I am graduating in a week with a major in finance and a minor in economics. I have prior experience in high end retail and internships with a FA and a merchant bank. If there’s any other information you need let me know and thanks in advance.

Neither your major nor your minor will matter one iota. Your relationship and writing skills are far more important. For instance: never say “I am graduating.” Say: “I graduate” or “I will graduate.” Convince them that you will work hard and that you are a good guy…

Thanks Danteshek, I will call you later tonight.

cool. talk to you then.

btw, does the recruiter’s first name start with the letter J ? I think I got a call about this position.

The recruiter’s name starts with the letter R

maybe a different city?

Didn’t you say in your email that you were in LA?

I did, but I am also looking at positions up north in the Bay Area