Advice for Resume...

Hey Guys, I’m reletively new to AF and I’m sure that some of you have read my post about the shortest length of time at a job. Anyways here’s the situation… I took a job for a pretty big asset custodian in ops. I recently graduated with a bachelors in finance w/ an emphasis in investment and portfolio management. After a couple months of working here, I really feel like I’m wasting my time working in ops when I could be working for a firm doing research or analytics… So I’ve decided to start looking around for a new job… Because I’ve only been at this job for a few months, I’m not sure if I should put it down in my resume. But then again if I don’t, I’d have to explain to the recruiter or hiring manager what I was doing from the time I graduated… Any suggestions? Thanks

I’d say list it, and explain in a cover letter or interview why you are looking to move. If you are qualified for the jobs you are applying for, the companies will understand why you are looking to move on so quickly.

Put it down. But since your most recent job is often used to pigeonhole you into your next job, you may want to have an “Objective” statement at the top to clarify what it is you are looking for. Not everyone is fond of resumes having “objective” on it, but if you are looking for something that isn’t just a continuation or a one-step-up-promotion from your last job, an objective can be useful.

Thanks MT and bchadwick!

I would also caution you to make sure that if you do find a new job, make sure it’s at a place you’re going to stay for a couple years at least. It’s a little damaging to your credibility if you go hopping too much. Also have a solid explanation ready for why you’re leaving after only a few months (seems like you have a good reason, just saying to expect some questions about it). Good luck with your search!