Advice for retakers

Advice from a 7-time L3 re-taker

Many re-takers are probably struggling after these results so I wanted to leave a post. We struggle with understanding the concepts and where and how to apply them. With such vast breadth and depth of material, we are lost and drowning in the sea of CFA level 3.

First of all, as a disclaimer, I have not passed the exam yet but do feel I should comment. I am currently enrolled with Deep 3 Prep who only works with re-takers. Concepts I thought I knew, I didn’t know them well. I’ve taken every popular prep provider out there for L3 and the amount of knowledge I have gained from this course is real. I don’t want to name the other providers, but if they taught L3, I’ve done it. As a side note, many people know me from the forums here and I’m not some made up candidate. I have been posting here for years.

Deep 3 prep is one person show. He only teaches L3 re-takers because he is passionate about helping retakers pass this exam. He spends a lot of personal time helping me out. I know he only takes something like 40 students a year and devotes all his attention to us. His material is great and he focuses on the official curriculum with his own videos and condensed notes and both are excellent. It’s the best material I have come across and have learned the concepts like never before.

If you are a re-taker, I suggest reaching out to him and to make your own decision. I can’t explain all the different things the course does here in the post. Feel free to message me as well if you like in a private message.

Just wanted to give my two cents and good luck on your next attempt. Hope that helps


I do not post much but I want to share my experience as well about DEEP 3. PM and we can even chat later. I feel that strongly about this class that I have no problem spending time chatting with potential candidates about this class. I know how great it felt to pass after being defeated. But I needed his help to hit a different level.

I’m a 3 time re-taker. Used a few Prep providers in the past, however, Deep 3 helped me see through the fluff and aim directly at the key to the concepts. By the last exam, it was such that no mater how the questions were twisted, I could always still hit the nail on the head.

The feedback process was also quite good, with Deep 3 always keeping up with me to ensure I didn’t fall far behind and also help with areas I struggled with. Deep 3 was able to assist me pull out the key tips that improved my exam odds.

The flow with the lessons also ensure you not only follow the classes but also grasp the concepts and practicalize answering questions asap, then keep pace…

I can go on an on, but truth be told, I will recommend Deep 3 to any re-takers… PM and we can even chat later if you need more info or clarification…

Hey all,

I haven’t posted in awhile but I’m a VETERAN here, and unlike some of the previous posts I have no problem bashing the big box brand test prep for L3 (yeah, I’m looking at your Schweser) because it took me three attempts to clear this final hurdle, with the first two being pretty much free donations to CFA Institute due to the material quality these bigger box prep providers shovel out.

Kind of makes sense if you think about it right, you get x,xxxx number of candidates likely signing up to prepare for an exam being taught by a handful of instructors. That’s not to say that all their instructors are bad (I’m sure there’s good ones) but you definitely to some extent lose out on the customized learning experience you would get from Deep3 given the smaller pool of candidates he works with. It’s like chemistry 101; an entire auditorium of students learning the same concept and not everyone learns the same way at the same rate. Needless to say, I think this boutique prep provider might be up & coming to be a premiere brand.

And a big part of that is the customized (and customized grading of AM) that help candidates hone in on areas of difficulty. I think MagicianS2000 offers grading but outside of that I don’t think there’s any other prep providers that will hand-grade each response and walk you through the highs and lows and give you an actual real-life score. AM was my weakest part of the exam as it is for so many other candidates and this was a game-charger hands down. But let me also say this, Deep3 is not a magic pill you take (or pay) and pass with flying colors; it’s simply a guide that will HELP you pass. There’s still a lot of work that the candidates need to do individually but the difference is, the HELP is there for YOU.

Disclaimer: no getting paid to say this. just a frequent re-visiting visitor to the site and figured I’d drop in my 2 cents for what it’s worth. Paid the fee to take Deep3 and it was a great experience; simple and easy like that. Be happy to chat about my experience in detail if anyone cares. Thanks all! Good Luck!

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