Advice for the CFA II candidates

Hi, guys!

I am a level 2 candidate and I would really appreciate if you could help me with some general advice.

I will list a couple of question but feel free to add on some othe hints on how one should approach the 2nd level of the CFA.

  1. How do the actual CFA exam question compare to the Q-bank and CFAI textbooks questions? (difficulty, lenght of the item sets, etc - caution please just state general feeling)

  2. How did your 2 weeks before the exam look like? Would you make any adjustments to the schedule if you were to take L2 again?

Thanks a lot guys! And good luck with the 3rd level. Remember you are almost there!

answer to your question:

1: q bank useless

  1. hell. i did over 2000 questions, my score card still looked really ugly. my advice to you is then…DO MORE QUESTIONS

ya, get out of the level 3 forum 1 month before the exam.

my advice is memorize all of the equations… calculations are key for lvl 2.

don’t eat yellow snow

Two words: Marc Lefebrve. Get to Creighton if you can, get to Schweser if you can’t. I’m sitting in the boston class yesterday and today, and he is amazing.