Advice for the unemployed

Hi I was laid off over 9 months ago and I am having trouble getting interviews, (even with my MBA). How can I convince employers I’m still a good catch? (I worked in wealth management previously. )

Can you post your resume?

Getting laid-off makes your unemployment a double-whammy, because potential employers will make the assumption that you were a low-performing employee. You will want to have some kind of explanation that assuages this view, ie. You weren’t laid off because you were among the least productive workers; rather you were let go because of [insert believable explanation here].

Not ALL the time, but you are def. at a disadvantage at the negotiation table, no doubts there. And I also agree with make sure your story is good

Hi I have finish my mba finance this year (2012). i given cfa level 1 in dec 2011 but unable to qualify it. Now first i want to get a job in finance then i want to continue for cfa level 1. So please help me getting a job in finance field as a fresher.

Step 1: English