Advice for those could not pass L3

Passed all levels on my 1st attempt. Primarily depended on Schewesers. I had aced both L1 and L2. L3 troubled me the most as I was could not get a handle on the essay portion. I was not able to finish all AM questions, left 3 full questions. I walked out of the AM thinking that I would score good on all questions that I was able to attempt. However, the results proved other wise. Out of 11 questions, only got more than 70 in 3 questions, 1 in the mid range and rest in the lowest range. The PM saved me, with more than 70 in 6 areas, 1 each in mid range and the lowest range. My 2 cents is that you can pass this if you can nail the PM, which is doable with the right amount of hard work. If I could do it, you too can do it.

Thanks for the advice. Wanna cookie?

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sounds like you just barely passed and that luck was on your side

I’m a great believer in luck. The harder I work, the more luck i have

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I believe that you had the skill and the luck to pass. Congrats thanks for sharing

Frankly, I do not care, only 15% pass all the 3 levels in their first attempt and you know what I am one of them.

Congrats on your pass. Just don’t be smug about it. What does a “3/3” anyway imply ?

oh really?! Who cares…

smug for passing my 2 cents to fellow aspirants!

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A good advice should sounds like that:

  1. Read the original CFAI material (also footnotes if you have the time).

  2. Do as many mocks as possible, especially the original AM exams of the last years.

Do not totally rely on PM, if you do well in AM, you will have a much better mood in PM,

practice at least three times on the AM exams of past few years( I did up to 10 years), like a real exam.

my score is 6A in AM, 5A in PM.

i hear people who have exactly done that and still could not pass for years. Smart test taking is essential.

Horrible advice, Schewser does not work for all people, I would only suggest it if one does not have enough time to go through the curriculum or if one has too much time left after reading the curriculum. It works well on L1 and L2, but for level 3 it’s best to go directly to the source especially for the AM section. OP barely squeezed by with stellar PM performance.

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