Advice - FRM Level 1


I have not enrolled in the FRM. If I do, I would take it in November. I am a CFA already.

Would it be too late to start now?. I have some years of experience in credit and market risk.

You used CFA as a noun!!! I just reported you :wink:

Can’t say for FRM part 2 but for part 1 completely doable. I started preparing for it only last week and it seems that I can read through all the material in one month max (using Schweser notes). Much of it covered in Level 1 and 2, plus some extra. Probability, distribution, hypothesis testing, linear regression, future, forward, swaps, options, bonds, CAPM, multifactor models, APT…you know it all.

I have only passed CFA L2 and will not start studying for FRM until Sept.1. I think it is doable, especially given that you are a CFA Charterholder. There will be overlap with quants (completely covered by CFA L2 I hear), derivatives, and you’ll have had a brief exposure to risk management through CFA L3. I would suspect there is 40-50% overlap for you.