Advice from CFAI & Schweser readers

If you, guys, used both CFAI and Schweser curriculum… Are there some topics in CFAI uncovered or only partialy covered in Schweser? Your advice on stressing some Reading in CFAI that could me missed reading only Schweser would be very useful ! As me personally, I started to study with CFAI, but for me topics were too long - I lost the main idea while reading :slight_smile:

umm…isn’t it a tad bit late to be asking this question…???

Late would be saturday night.

I posted this a week or so ago and a few people said to read PM in CFAI text. It’s not too long, but would definitely take a few hours at least, so I’m not sure if you want to worry about it this late in the game…maybe if it’s a really weak point for you.