Advice from experienced candidates

Hello guys , i need your help from your previous experiences in cfa exams. I took level 1 last Saturday .

I was well prepared but i will probably fail because in the afternoon I was exhausted, my head was burning and I did many mistakes on simple things I didn’t use to struggle with. I just can’t stop blaming myself for having done so many mistakes in PM session …sad :frowning_face:

do you have an advice for this kind of situation ? Did you experience that on your cfa journey in PM sessions ? I don’t want to face the same issue in December :frowning: .thanks again !

The exams are as much about endurance as they are about knowledge.

You can build up your stamina by taking mock exams under test conditions: give yourself 3 hours for the morning session, a 2-hour break, then 3 hours for the afternoon session. You may have to do this several times, but it will help.

Load up on caffeine for the afternoon session.

Do about five practice exams. It’s tough. You will feel mentally tired after the first. You will make the simple mistakes and you will learn. It is like running for a marathon; a mental marathon. Training = mocks. By the fourth and fifth mock you will be hitting 70+ which is less stressful and less time to review your mistakes as you become more proficient. I always tired putting myself under more stress for the first three mocks and then relaxed a bit after that…I was even watching Star Wars in the background and doing a timed exam for the fifth exam.

Yeah, this is the correct answer. I recommend caffeine pills. Just don’t pull a Jessie.

Thank you all for your replies …I will train hard on doing more full mocks days for December to suceed in my PM session .

AM was fine and I even had 20min left to review…but in the middle of PM session my head started burning like crazy…lol

So, why do you think that isn’t happening to others? Exam is graded on curve. If you were well prepared you have a high chance to pass. I would count this to beginner’s irrational fear.

In addition to coffee, any kind of high fiber/bran muffin would serve as excellent brain food on exam day.

Maybe even 2.


Before going “high fiber”, check out the capacity of the test center bathrooms …

When I was getting ready for level 1 I did both CFAI mocks with review in one sit. No stress and pain in levels 1 and 2 whatsoever, level 3 is a different story after AM session my head was on fire. Long story short, mocks are available before the exam.

LOL. Sweep the Leg for the win. Although I doubt he is old enough to get it.

Just do practice tests man.

Also, not to be a debbie downer, but if you worked your arse off and can’t pass Level I, just quit now. Level II will beat you to a pulp.

Choke the chicken during lunch. Worked for me.

in bathroom?

Better in the cantine. Assert dominance among your fellow candidates and disturb them prior to the PM.

yes do more mock exams next time to get used to the two 3 hour blocks. I would do 6-7 minimum in addition to the CFAI mock. Try to get a good night’s sleep and make sure you eat/drink well during the lunch break. Not much more you can do.

your nutrition was probably lacking during lunch.

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Omg you was right , I confortably PASSED !!! :grin:

Indeed it was an irrational fear!

Congratulations! Now face the blue dragon in level II.

avoid pcp