Advice from re-takers or people who have passed

If there is something that you wish you could’ve focused more on for the past month or two weeks what would it be?

Right now I feel as though I have a good grasp on much of the conceptual ideas behind the curriculum. However, I realize that I have not completely mastered all of the formulas.

As I do practice tests and come across formulas that I cannot recall and know that I will probably get the answer wrong because of that… it makes me very upset.

So at this point I’m trying to dedicate a lot of my time to completely memorizing every formula. There is such a small margin of error for only 120 questions and I cannot let it come down to not memorizing formulas.


I am in same position (aside from Portfolio Management which is just a huge mess). I have created a formula sheet and am going to be writing it from memory every day from now on. The sheet keeps getting bigger though!

same here. understand concepts but can’t remember formulas at all. seeing low scores in the practice exams is demoralizing. I did 3 full sets but getting barely 50% right because I can’t remember formulas at all. I guess I need to dedicate time to memorize formulas rather than just doing more practice tests. Thoughts/suggestions?

Once I started concentrating on single topics, hitting multiple questions until I was sick of it, rather than trying to cover everything at once I found I had more confidence and things were sticking better.

Most formulas are just derivations of other formulas so if you understand the concepts you shouldn’t have to memorize 100 different formulas. If you’re having a hard time with a specific one just try to isolate the LOS and hit the qbank until it’s more intuiative.

Honestly this so much. I know it seems bad to focus solely on one topic so close to exam time, but if you spend a good few hours hammering home that single topic then you’ll know the ins/outs of it to the point where you don’t have to worry about it anymore. That’s 1 less topic to master and the confidence you get from seeing that topics questions in a mock and knowing all the answers keeps you going.

Just make sure to allocate time each day to do a few questions from other topics to keep it fresh.