Advice -- Help Needed AFers

Guys, Need advice from all the AFers out here: My current situation – Will complete a revision of all material (hopefully by end of day today). Will be going to work tomm as well (arghhh… can’t get a day off before that though I have Thu and Fri off). I have not taken any practice tests/mocks so far. Given that I will have Wed evening and Thursday to do some practice – what do you guys suggest should be the tests I take in the given time I have? Thanks for all your help. -Amit

Stick to CFAi exams only at this point. Do ALL of them. There are 3 samples (30 Q’s each) - one is free. 2 mock exams (60 Q’s each)

I am basically in the same situation . will try to finish review by tomorrow at 4-5 pm I will work on samples and mock exams half of tomorrow plus thursday. Maybe on Friday a schweser exam plus some ethics. I’d like some opinions too

I’m a new believer of the mocks. Do them.

I actually think that last year there were some very very similar question on the exam . for L1 I mean

Thanks 3_letters. Were you in the Nathan Ronen class in NYC? He suggested starting to take tests by April 15th - lol…

If you have the option of taking exams created by the same company that will give you the actual exam, TAKE IT. Do as many as you can.

I’v heard in some posts that Book 7 has CFAI Sample 2006 exam? Is that right?

yup. those are good too.