Advice in choosing the best career…

Advice in choosing the best career…


I’ve completed my schooling and awaiting the results. I wish to select welding as my career but have doubts regarding the same. . Is there any cut off in the marks for joining the course. What are the benefits of doing this job. Is it a right choice? I need advice regarding this. I’ve seen this website( Is this a trusted institution? What about the placement there? Is there anyone who had studied there? Please share your experiences.Will they provide good training? Waiting for your reply…Thanks in advance.

welding isn’t bad, AF is more pro plumbing

Trying a bit too hard bro.

Thanks for the replies

Wish I knew how to weld, a full header back exhaust for my car is absurdly expensive.

My younger cousin just got into welding about two years ago. He started in O&G somewhere in Oklahoma, but is already out of work with the drop in oil prices. He went to a tech school straight out of HS and was making like $20/hr, which I thought was pretty decent money for a kid that’s not even 20yo.