advice--industry analyst position

I’m wondering if some folks on this board would be willing to give some advice, and especially if anyone out there has achieved what I am trying to do, and can tell me the steps they took. I have 14 years industry experience in software, I am now in a strategic role in my firm. It’s an excellent job, but I’ve always been interested in being an equity analyst. I’ve committed to that goal in a pretty concrete way by being in the CFA program. Frankly, I have pretty high regard for this program and I’ll be very proud the day I get my charter. With L2 under my belt, I’m interested in identifying what firms would value the industry experience + CFA combination. I’m based in the Midwest, if anyone has some ideas what I could be doing to be successful making this move. Perhaps this thread could be useful to other folks in similar situations; I will certainly appreciate any advice.